• Workshop Memories 2012
    2012, June 21 - MINATEC, Grenoble - France
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    Session 1

    - Invited talk : “Embedded Flash Technologies: Enabler for Automotive μCs & Smartcards”
      Robert Strenz, Infineon

    - “Split-gate charge trap memories: impact of scaling on performances and consumption for low-power embedded applications"
      Lia Masoero, CEA Leti

    - “Ab initio simulation applied to innovative memory devices”
      Philippe Blaise, CEA Leti

    - Invited talk : “Embedded non volatile memories for consumer applications: status and perspectives”
      Paola Zuliani, STMicroelectronics

    Session 2

    - Invited talk : “Phase-change memories for energy-efficient data-centric IT applications”
      Agostino Pirovano, Micron

    - “Phase change materials engineering for reset current reduction”
      Véronique Sousa, CEA Leti

    - “Study of GST nanosized clusters”
      Giada Ghezzi, CEA Leti: unavailable for confidentiality reasons

    - “Magnetic memory for hybrid CMOS electronics”
      Ricardo Sousa, INAC/Spintec

    Session 3

    - Invited talk: “Phase Change Memory: Replacement or Transformational”
      Hsiang-Lan Lung, Macronix

    - “Resistive switching concept: a new design paradigm”
      Jean-Michel Portal, IM2NP

    - “Using OxRAM for saving power in FPGA architecture: what can we expect? “
      Fabien Clermidy, CEA Leti

    - “PCM for Neuromorphic applications”
      Manan Suri, CEA Leti

    - “Experimental investigation and empirical modeling of the set and reset kinetics of Ag-GeS2 Conductive Bridging Memories”
      Elisa Vianello, CEA Leti

    Session 4

    - Invited talk : “Resistive Memory Technology for High Density Memory Applications”
      Sunjung Kim, Samsung

    - “Characterization and Modelling of Electrode Impact in HfO2-based RRAM”
      Carlo Cagli, CEA Leti

    - “In-operando HAXPES as a non-destructive technique for investigating the resistive switching phenomenon”
      Thomas Bertaud, IHP

    - “Study of ReRAM based on TiN/ TaxOy /TiN integrated into a 65nm advanced CMOS technology”
      Thérèse Diokh, STMicroelectronics

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